I wish Becherovka was a person, so I could punch it in the throat. It’s that frustratingly perplexing. We had it in a cocktail last night and the taste was so unusual, the bartender gave us a sample to try.

It’s a Czeck digesitve liqueur that is typically medicinal and bitter. But there’s a earthy, sour funk on it that I’ve been trying to pin down since last night. To me, that funk is strongly reminiscent of a starchy, yellow to orange fleshed vegetable that I’ve had before, but whose name also infuriatingly eludes me. (UPDATE! The flavour I was thinking of belongs to peewah — what we in Trinidad call the fruit of the peach palm tree. Thanks to my Auntie Mo for knowing what the heck I was talking about.)

Have you tasted Becherovka? What did you think?


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