Met up with my girl Joshna for some pre-movie ramen at new-to-me Santouka. When the server mentioned the sake tasting flight (full pours of 3 sakes and edamame for $17), we’re like, hell yes!

What we got were three very distinctly flavoured sakes.

The first time I had cloudy sake was probably 10, 11 years ago and it was a revelation. It’s probably my favourite style of the rice liquor. Still is. There’s just something about the silky mouthfeel and sweetness that makes me happy.

Not to say I disliked the other two choices. The Junmai had a very refined flavour, while the fruitiness of the Nama Nama was pretty delicious. All three went great with the salty peas.

Bonus tip: If you’re in Toronto, get yourself down to the Distillery District and visit the folks at the Ontario Spring Water Sake Company. Soon. Because you want to get your hands on their limited edition Teion Sakura. It’s a light and bright sipper that would be great chilled on a patio this summer. Plus, you can try other varieties when you’re there.


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