Spending time with family, particularly my dad and my ultra-gregarious-though-he-would-deny-it uncle, always brings back things of home. Home for me is the island of Trinidad and apparently you can now purchase sorrel Carib Shandy there. Uncle Mikes introduced me to this homemade version.

You can either purchase a sorrel concentrate or make it from the dried sorrel leaves. Either can be found at any store carrying Caribbean ingredients. I should tell you that sorrel means something different in the Caribbean than it does in Europe and North America. What I mean by sorrel is the pod of the Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) plant, aka jamaica to mis vatos.

Then just pour an ounce of the concentrate over ice and top it with a bottle of a light beer. A tropical climate beer will work best, like a Carib, Red Stripe, Tiger, San Miguel, Tecate… But you could also go with a wheat beer. As long as it’s light, light, light in flavour.

I’ve already let my uncle know he’s given me a new addiction.


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